Here’s our secret: We’re an incubator masquerading as a social media marketing agency. We grow your brand with you and among other brands under our roof as you level up — and level out — of your present marketing capacities. Then we scale with you.

1 Day Getaway

Because you need to start somewhere, the 1 Day Getaway is our primary training module for organic social media marketing, and your gateway to growth.

A live online training event hosted once a month, the 1 Day getaway is designed for:

Individuals and teams looking to launch or grow their brand via social media.

Coaches, personalities and businesses relatively new to social media.

1 Day Getaway graduates master the design and implementation of a single platform social media brand building campaign. Prepare to develop your brand identity over 30 days — and maintain your platform presence over the next year in only 15 minutes a day.

A 30 day program, the 1 Day Getaway includes:

4 consecutive hours of social media marketing training, guaranteed to set you up with a one-year social media growth strategy that can be executed in just 15 minutes a day.

3 weeks of follow up calls: to keep your eye on the prize while you design your custom campaign.

Step by step assignments: clearly guide you to find your voice so you stick out on Social

Delivered inside our Basecamp project: that keeps you working inside an engaged community, and stays accessible forever, review anytime you want.

I’m ready to grow my brand on social media.

5 Day Getaway

The 5 Day Getaway is an intensive, 360 degree campaign design bootcamp, covering data, strategy, insights and creative for multiple social media platforms.

A live online training event lasting 5 consecutive days, the 5 Day Getaway is ideal for:

Individuals and teams with a presence on one or more social platforms.

Existing clients outgrowing their marketing capacities by way of support received in the 1 Day Getaway, 80/20 Creative + Design and 80/20 Consulting.

Existing clients onboarding into 80/20 Subscription Social.

5 Day Getaway graduates engineer their business and marketing strategies for the entire year, preparing them to manage their oncoming growth. 5 Day Getaway participants:

Master a multi platform implementation plan,

Finetune campaign and marketing plans, and

Finalize a one year business plan, inclusive of a business audit and value filter modelling.

I’m ready to grow my tribe on social media.


Your social media presence is a lighthouse for your tribe.  When, where and how you share determines who you attract. What you share determines whether they come single file or en mass. We can help you transform your story into a narrative that will have them chasing you down.


Planning is a complete system for realizing goals and plans, and plotting the steps to knock them out of the park. It is a complete system requiring de-cluttering, visioning, goals, implementation and tracking in all areas of life.

You need 4 good tires to roll. Planning applies the same methodology canon to Business and Finance, Intra and Interpersonal Relationships, Health and Wellbeing, and Home and Environment.

Planning serves up community and structure — an environment where you can be your best, most productive self — and provides us avenues to assist you with mastering two key practices.

Clarifying your Purpose and Aligning It With Your Productivity

We do this through a cyclical process layering specific habits and repeating them to create leverage.

Reverse engineering goals so you’re focusing on priorities and methods that produce results

Tools and techniques of progress tracking and other ingredients essential to expansion

8020 Planning meets monthly and quarterly via Zoom for intensive planning and personal development sessions. Weekly group and bi-monthly private coaching sessions are also optional for subscribers and included for subscription and consulting clients. 

Our Insane "100K PROFIT" Money-Back Guarantee

When you join us at 80/20 Media, you can invest with confidence because you’ll always be covered by our money back guarantee. In the extremely unlikely event we can’t show you how to build a six figure business you absolutely love, we’ll refund every cent you’ve invested with us – no questions asked.

"8020.Media advised me on the best social media practices to maximize my online presence. Working with me, they crafted a strategy that met my needs, using the platforms where my target market is. Everything was custom to my business and my needs, and I clearly understand why.

I learned a ton, my vision is gigantic and I have a clear path laid out before me.

Speaker, Author & Lead Coach of Dreamwork

Dan Nizinga

Let's Do This

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