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Subscription social media marketing services are exclusively available to attendees of Welcome Aboard and the 5 Day Getaway, our official onboarding services for new clients and trainees, respectively.

Think of it as quality control — for both of us. This is how we flesh out your message and objectives in the process of designing you a kickass campaign.

Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard is our super comprehensive, structured onboarding process for subscription social media marketing services — like you would hope to find anywhere else. The simple difference is we won’t take your subscription payments until we’re fluent in your brand and objectives, and have a thorough plan of action.

A live online event lasting 5 consecutive days, Welcome Aboard is designed for

New clients entering 80/20 Subscription Marketing who have not attended the 5 Day Getaway.

Welcome Aboard is how we get to know you and brand well enough to carve out a year-long, 360 degree social media marketing campaign, covering data, strategy, insights and creative on multiple social media platforms.

More than an onboarding intensive, you’ll leave Welcome Aboard having engineered business and marketing strategies for the entire year, including:

A multi platform implementation plan that identifies and exploits the specific platforms posing the highest rate of return for your unique brand

Campaign and marketing strategies so you know exactly where you’re headed and how you’re getting there

A one year business plan, inclusive of a business audit and value filter modeling, so you’ll know how all the pieces fit together, empowering you to make better business decisions

80/20 Subscription Social

Looking to outsource your social media marketing? 80/20 Subscription Social exploits the specific social media channels that reach, attract and convert your audience, ensuring the maximum return on your marketing investment.

80/20 Subscription Social is exclusively available to attendees of either:
Welcome Aboard, our Subscription Social onboarding service for established businesses, or
The 5 Day Getaway, our campaign design intensive for brands looking to level up — and out — of their present marketing capacities, which covers onboarding for trainees.

Welcome Aboard, our Subscription Social onboarding service for established businesses, or

The 5 Day Getaway, our campaign design intensive for brands looking to level up — and out — of their present marketing capacities, which covers onboarding for trainees.

Strictly organic, 80/20 Subscription Social deploys campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube, Medium, Anchor and Podcast and more.

(We had a team meeting and voted unanimously against running TikTok campaigns for anyone who isn’t marketing t-shirts to preteens.)

Customized to meet your social media objectives,

80/20 Subscription Social covers:

Campaign design and strategy

Creative and copywriting

Community management

Data analysis and insights

Audience analysis

Growth projections

Direct access weekly reporting

In depth monthly reporting

Quarterly KPI and campaign adjustments

Biannual campaign audits and adjustments

Discounted Direct access to coaching from I Need Coaching

80/20 Subscription Social Packages start at $5,000 USD/month

and consider cost factors like:

Campaign goals: Reach, conversions, or both?

Posting frequency: How many posts are we publishing per week?

Content format: How many videos and images are we editing per month?

Level of community management: Reactive or proactive, and how often?

Platform strategy: How many channels does your campaign cover?

Account oversight: Want to connect with us on a monthly or weekly basis?

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Some of the biggest brands you know owe their success to creative collectives. (A certain yoga brand comes to mind.) Our collectives ensure you’re never short of great ideas and even better implementation. Driven by proprietary methodology, our Creative & Design and Planning forums keep you innovating and converting.


Your social media presence is a lighthouse for your tribe.  When, where and how you share determines who you attract. What you share determines whether they come single file or en mass. We can help you transform your story into a narrative that will have them chasing you down.

"Working with 80/20 has been just the boost I needed. I had the pieces, I had the course built, the structure was mostly in place, but I couldn’t get everything working together as a cohesive whole until Jacob and co. lit the way. Now I am successful in a way I never thought possible and I love my work even more than I did before. I now see the possibility of being of service to my family, my community and the world as an inevitability, not just a pipe dream. Thank you Jacob and the whole team and process that is 80/20."

 Chief Instructor 6 Tigers Dojo

Shihan Janet LAWLESS⁩

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